Supveriviser avec BH Gate

Concretely, the BH Gate module constantly raises the indexes of the meter on which it is installed. This data is transmitted to the LUCE platform and access terminals via the exclusive LoraWan network.

And it is from this ultra-secure internet platform*, that you can supervise all your public lighting and control your consumption. The LUCEenergie application has been specifically developed for public lighting, as close as possible to the realities on the ground. It records all the meter data (Radiolite and BH Gate) and renders them in a simple and ergonomic way. You instantly visualize the consumption curves, the number of kilowatt hours saved. These data, the curves and their analysis constitute an essential support tool for the energy transition of the municipality, in particular in the context of energy performance contracts (EPCs).

Réagir rapidement

An incident? A malfunction? The LUCE platform warns by email or SMS in case of malfunction on the lighting park, consumption drift, disjunction, etc. The agents in charge of public lighting have the possibility to react immediately.

Smartphone application for local communication with Radiolite 220 and 4xx via Bluetooth 5.0:

  • Creating and sending programs locally
  • Consultation of switching on and off times
  • Forced order sending
  • Maintenance operations
  • LoRa radio reception analysis

La commande à distance avec LUCEconnect

The LUCE platform is a remote public lighting control solution. Thanks to the LUCEconnect application, you program the clocks of each cabinet without any movement. You can also change the switching schedules depending on the weather. It is LUCEconnect that still makes it possible to react in the event of an emergency. Let us imagine an accident on a communal road. It is possible to turn on the street lighting again within a minute. A more cheerful event, a fireworks display that requires the extinction of several lampposts: simply control it from a computer or tablet.

BH Gate is a cabinet supervision module. Connected to the energy meter, it collects and records every 5 minutes the time-stamped consumption index from the meter and transmits this data to BH Technologies' servers for processing via the LUCE platform.

The information collected accurately reflects energy consumption, without any possible interpretation.

The BH Gate module has several all or nothing inputs (TOR) to connect for example operating control devices (door opening sensor, departure, etc.) or to track the operation of a power contactor.

BH Gate is available in LoRaWAN or 4G versions.

Secure web platform for the supervision of the public lighting park. The permanent collection of BH Gate data day and night, on the LUCE web platform makes it possible to follow the operation of the installations and to understand their electrical operation. The analysis value is performed on the watt power, simple to interpret and more direct to offer a great finesse of analysis with little data.

  • For each cabinet, LUCEnergie formates the information collected by BH Gate and traces the consumption curve of the cabinet over the required period.
  • The energy performance module makes it possible to calculate the savings made for all or part of the fleet. This tool allows you to select the cabinets as well as the period to be analyzed and displays in a simple and explicit way all the data useful for the energy performance analysis.
  • The permanent monitoring of the data makes it possible to alert the maintenance services in case of drift, before the total failure. An alert creation module is used to define, configure and activate alerts.