Réalisez des économies d’énergie avec nos régulateurs-variateurs

The regulation-variation solution BH Technologies – Revetec is the only solution to ensure a 50% reduction in consumption over the entire existing lighting fleet. This massive reduction makes it possible to self-finance the switch to LED technology, making it possible to achieve the objective of factor 4 of reducing energy consumption. This is the solution to accelerate its energy transition.

Une luminosité adaptée

An adapted luminosity, which avoids over-illumination, is also a guarantee of safety and reduction of light pollution. Each equipped light point contributes to energy savings and lowering the electricity bill of the entire fleet. This solution also has the advantage of reducing the maintenance of equipment and therefore its cost. Similarly, the increase in the lifespan of streetlights is a considerable asset, both for the environment and for the municipal budget.

Exit les micro-coupures

With BH Technologies' patented dual coil system, you can say goodbye to micro-cuts and preserve electronic power supplies. Indeed, a minimum of current is guaranteed permanently in the electric arc of each lamp, so that it never turns off during operating hours. A smooth regulation, which also protects against overvoltages of the upstream network.

Une transition progressive

Beyond the solutions immediately implemented, BH Technologies proposes to accompany you in a gradual transition to allow you to renew your lighting and benefit from the latest technologies. We recommend in particular light sources with LEDs, less powerful (and therefore less greedy) but with a higher dimming capacity. In the end, you divide by 3 the energy consumption of the public lighting of the municipality, and just as much the greenhouse gas emissions. For a city of 50,000 inhabitants, gaining 35% consumption on public lighting means saving €170,000 incl. VAT per year, or €66 incl. VAT per luminaire.


ST Mini is a compact voltage regulator-drive block for power management of public lighting. ST Mini works on all types of networks, with all types of discharge and LEDS lamps.


ST Compact is a compact single-phase voltage controller-drive for public lighting. With its integrated twilight control, it brings immediate energy savings in existing public lighting boxes, without modification of the networks.


ST Plus is a voltage regulator-drive for public lighting. It brings immediate savings to the installations, without modification of the network, and supports all your subsequent technological developments. It integrates cabinet automata to finely manage your installations.